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Vineyard and Householder

The proposal to hold an exhibition of this private archive, began with a brief glimpse of a handful of these images that Ian Pollock revealed at an AOI (Association of Illustrators) seminar held in Hull in April 1998. From this fleeting encounter came the possibility of a millennium exhibition at the EICH Gallery. Eight images still had to be tackled to complete the series, these have been completed during the course of 1998 and Spring 1999.


Detail from The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Thanks to support from Yorkshire Arts, The European Illustration Collection Hull, and the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside the exhibition will run from 1 November 1999 to 14 January 2000.

An on-line catalogue of all 76 images will continue to make the works available for interested audiences far beyond the duration of the exhibition itself.


The Draw Net

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The intention of the electronic catalogue is to make both full images and design detail accessible via a flexible interactive system. The whole arrangement is visually led, with transparency of procedure being given priority. We believe that the result is an easily-used and image-driven experience which Ian Pollock, Chrys Bavey and myself believe gives unique access to the works.